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Leland and Eunice Fairbanks

Rev. Dr. Helen Hunter is a long time very caring Social Justice-Health Promotion Nationally recognized African American Leader. She is very worthy of personal support from all of us and group support by those Social Justice organizations whose Policies allow their giving Organizational Name support. She pledges to work in a positive non-partisan way with all political parties: Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Historically her work includes many co-existing activities : Pastor, Hospital Chaplain, Organizational promotion helper of the Homeless, and a major NAACP – Faith Community Team collaborator with Rev. Ozetta Kirby, other NAACP Faith  Community Leaders including Pastor Magdalena Schwartz and the bilingual English/Spanish community important announcement . East Valley Pastors have been bridge builders with the Police Departments. They have done great work in bringing more closely together the Arizona East Valley Faith Community and other Ethnic groups to work very constructively with the highly motivated Police Departments of the Valley.

East Valley Communities: Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Tempe, and their quarterly East Valley Community Interracial Police Department / NAACP Mutual Trust Building Educational Workshops have yielded very positive tension de-escalation results. These Community- Police Department bridge building quarterly workshops have been sufficiently positive in their tension de-escalation impact to have been presented the Arizona Interfaith Movement “Golden Rule”  Community Bridge Building Joint Award in 2019.